Indigeneous Grapes of Anatolia

Bogazkere, a unique flavor that you will recognize at first sip.

The Grape: One of Anatolia’s most important wine grapes, Bogazkere is a medium-sized, thick skinned grape grown in Diyarbakır and Elazig regions.
Wine Characteristics: Produces dark ruby red, well structured, full-bodied wines with strong tannins and high acidity. Can be aged in oak barrels.
Has ability to age for years.
Aroma Characteristics: Noticeable aromas of black cherries and raspberries, blackberries, black mulberries, figs, black olives, black pepper, cloves, eucalyptus, mint, earthy and gamey notes.
Food Match: An excellent companion for spicy sauced red meat dishes, red game and strong aged cheeses.

Okuzgozu, the rising star of Anatolia.

The Grape: One of the most important grapes in Anatolian viticulture. This is a large berried grape grown in the temperate continental climate on sandy and gravely soil of Elazig and Malatya regions, Eastern Anatolia.
Wine Characteristics: Suitable for aging in oak barrels, produces elegant and balanced wines that are dark ruby red in color, with generous acidity, medium to full body, soft tannins and long length. Has potential to develop and age in bottle.
Aroma Characteristics: Aromas of dark cherries, raspberries, sour cherries, pomegranates, cranberries, black mulberries, blackberries and eucalyptus.
Food Match: Meat dishes with brown, mushroom or cream sauces, stews, sausages and salamis, aged cheeses, grilled meats.

Kalecik Karasi, a native grape famous for its unique aroma and flavor.

The Grape: Originates from the Kalecik district near Ankara, the capital of Turkey. This grape is widely produced throughout Anatolia and Aegean Region of Turkey. It is a thick-skinned, blue-black round grape.
Wine Characteristics: Produces fruity, easy drinking wine, light ruby, medium bodied with low tannins and high acidity, similar to young Pinot Noir. Grown in cooler climates, these grapes produce fruity and elegant wines.
Aroma Characteristics: Cherries, strawberries, raspberries and cranberries.
Food Match: Red and white meat dishes in tomato sauces, pastas, pizzas and young cheeses.

Narince, a grape named after its delicacy.

The Grape: Originates from the Tokat province. This vine is grown on the Anatolia plateau south of the mountains near the Black Sea.
Wine Characteristics: Narince produces rich, creamy and elegant wines. Due to their balanced acidity, these wines are suitable for aging and acquire a rich and complex bouquet over time.
Aroma Characteristics: Delicate floral and fruity aromas.
Food match: Oily grilled fish, spicy chicken, eggplant salad, dishes with onion, hors d’oeuvres.

Emir, the legendary white grape of Cappadocia.

The Grape: Emir is a local white wine variety grown in the Cappadocia Region.
Wine Characteristics: It produces vigourous dry wines with high acidity and mineral aromas which reflects the characteristics of volcanic soil.
Aroma Characteristics: Mineral, melon, pear, yellow apple, pine and eucalyptus aromas.
Food Match: Shellfish, grilled and steamed fish, salads, pastas with white sauce and yellow-hard cheeses.

Bornova Misketi, Worldwide recognized Muscat grape, from Aegean.

The Grape: Locally known as Bornova Misketi, this grape is grown in and around the Aegean city of Izmir. The grapes are medium in size, with ripe grapes being pinkish in color. Bornova Misketi displays the characteristic flavor and aromas of Muscat (tropical fruits, flowers, citrus, thyme and bay leaves).
Wine Characteristics: Produces quite aromatic, lively, light, easy-drinking and dry to lusciously sweet wines that are in light gold color.
Aroma Characteristics: The aroma of Bornova Misketi is reminiscent of honeysuckle, basil, roses, mint, honey, bergamot, lemon balm, orange flowers, daisies, grapefruit and melon.
Food Match: Dry Muscat is an excellent aperitif. Besides, it is an excellent accompaniment to cheeses that do not overpower its flavor, snacks and seafood appetizers and salads. Sweet Muscat goes well with caramelized and cheese-based desserts, stewed quince and cheeses such as cheddar, soft old cheeses and blue cheeses.

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