“Born in 1944 the blend of two of Turkey’s native grapes came from te direction of Ataturk himself. Where as he requested two of French enologists to review the countryside and identify the possibilities of winemaking in this newly formed country.Bogazkere is the power behind the blend and Okuzgozu is the taming portion of the relationship.Barrel aged for 18 to 24 months it goes into the bottle very powerful with meaty tannins, but given time and patience it softens and smoothes out to more of a raw silky texture and the fruits come out from where they were once hidden. This blend is crafted to age gracefully for years to come and present various personalities as it matures.Much like ourselves…” -Daniel O’Donnell


This special wine promises enthusiasm and delicate character exchanges through its life in the bottle. During first years it presents a high tannin structure together with the balance of Okuzgozu and Bogazkere varieties.

After couple of years, it shows an “integration period” and presents the unique beauties of its noble texture as a whole. In this period, the integration of barrel increases and the wine gains a more silky texture. Later on, a special texture awaits for you. You can experience a unique wine experience with softened tannins, soil and cooked fruit aromas.



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