Our portfolio offers a wide variety of choices from fruity young wines to artisanal small lot hand crafted bottlings.The portfolio reflects an easy way to reach needs of consumers as well as international grape varieties.Also the winemaking style for each of our wines differs based on the brand group in our portfolio.Indeed style of wines made from indigenous grapes may be classical Anatolian style in one brand or a sophisticated reflection of a search for the true potential of the grape in another .This is the key of our brand portfolio.The wines of Kayra are being produced from the finest vineyards grown in the diverse soils of Anatolia.




The concept behind this series of wines is that they represent what the winemaking team finds most interesting in our cellars year…

The wines of the Kayra Versus Vineyard are a reflection of the viticulture and wine crafting in modern day Turkey….

With this series of wines we hope to highlight the vintage variation of our vineyards across Turkey’s diversity of soils and climates….

Kayra Buzbağ Rezerv

Born in 1944 the blend of two of Turkey’s native grapes came from te direction of Atatürk himself. Where as he requested…


The vineyards of Anatolia, blessed by Goddess of Fertility Kybele which is used as the symbol on the label…


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