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kayrawinescom Ağustos 18, 2016 Yorum Yapılmamış

Kayra, Beyaz Kalecik Karasi Blanc de Noir 2015

Denizli, Turkey, Dry Rosé, Screwcap, 12.0% abv

(2016) I’m a fan of Turkey’s Kalecik Karasi grape variety, having previously made a red wine supplied by The Wine Society my Wine of the Week. But this is a truly delightful rosé example, exhibiting the most charming fresh peach aroma – like picking up a fat white peach on a summer’s day and sniffing the downy skin – citrus peel and a hint of fresh ginger. It’s colour is a pale, Provençal salmon, and the palate shimmers with more of that peach juice freshness and delicacy, married to pitch-perfect acidity. Just gorgeous and undoubtedly one of my favourite rosés of the year and in several independent retailers.
Watch the video for more information and food-matching ideas.

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